• Clauderlys Valdez

Austin Shafran endorse Nabaraj KC

Today Nabaraj KC announced his endorsement of Austin Shafran as his #2 choice for City Council District 19.

Austin Shafran is a dedicated leader of our community.

I support him as my #2 choice in the upcoming elections, and I'm excited to have his endorsement.

Nabaraj KC is a wonderful, devoted leader who goes above and beyond for the community.

Nabaraj has run a powerful and positive campaign, as a long-time activist and leader has dedicated.

Most of his life bettering his community, from 2019-2020.

District 19 includes Auburndale, bay terrace, bayside, Beech Hurst, College Point, Douglaston, flushing, little neck, Malba, and White Stonez.

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